Coaches and Parents Checklist

Posted Friday, January 02, 2009 by Mike Harvey

Coaches Checklist
1. Fill out and hand in Registration form for yourself
2. Notify your Director by Feb.10, 2009 of a Complete Team for Team Commitment night
3. Hand in a Registration Form to your Director for each player by Feb.24, 2009
4. Hand in a Completed Team Roster with to
     your Director by Feb.24, 2009
5. Notify Community Director of any Conflicts on Conflict form by Feb.24, 2009
6. Hand in (to Director) signed Parents Pledge on or before Directors meeting on
     March 16, 2009
7. Update your teams information on web site, email addresses etc. Have all players
     register on web site
8. Discuss Sideline Manager info with Parents
9. Have photo ID card before start of season

Parents Checklist
1. Hand in Registration form for your child (player)
2. Hand in signed Parents Pledge
3. Review Sideline Manager information
4. Have your player register on web site with his/her team